Text rendering downgrade

I’m really not sure if this is a bug or anything but in recent versions of the app there has been a regression in the text and how it renders, it appears to instead of being rendered using the entire text box as a canvas that it seems the text itself now has a set box itself that it cannot escape from, which makes situations like closely kerned text be cut off at the edges and close line spacing also cutting it off, it’s a major downgrade and it works far worse than how it used to be, which I believe was the best solution and worked the best.

I would really like if it would go back to the older system, or if I can use the older system already in Lunacy, the version I’m using is 9.1.

Thanks in advance,

Thank you for the feedback. We indeed overhauled the text engine, but it’s to be improved and fixed further. Could you please send us an example of a document where text renders fine in 9.0, but with issues in 9.1?

It’s particularly with tightly kerned and/or spaced text, I don’t have the older versions installed to do A-B testing but it’s primarily in cases like these, where even with the text box being bigger than the text it remains cut off, being linked to the underlined part.

In paragraphs it also happens.

Thank you for the images. Previous versions can be downloaded here if you need to downgrade.