There was an error opening the version 3.16.4 file


Lunacy is a amazing software for editing sketch files on Windows, thanks to the developers.
When I saw the update, I immediately downloaded version 4.0 to use, but encountered some headaches.
When I opened the file stored in version 3.16.4 in version 4.0, a large number of components “disappeared”.
They do not disappear from the list of objects on the left, but are invisible in the edit window.
I’m not completely sure what kind of components they are, but I’m sure all the characters are missing.
BTW,I used extra fonts instead of Windows fonts.
I hope I have described my problem clearly. I am waiting for your reply. Thank you again!:smiley:


Hi, we are sorry of this issue. Could you please send us your file to check it out? My mail is


Thank you for your reply.But I am sorry that I cannot directly send the file to you, because I am working for a company, I hope you can understand.Although I have now rolled back my version to 3.16, I have made some new discoveries.I created a new file with version 4.0, and when I used the text box, no words were displayed, no matter what font I used, even the placeholders that came with the text.
It should be noted that although I use Chinese operating system, I have switched different input methods in lunacy, and the effect is the same…
I really want to use the latest version of lunacy:joy:


We’ll do our best to resolve the known rendering issues in the upcoming releases. Please, send us your feedback after the next major release of Lunacy.


Of course, I have been keeping an eye on lunacy, but 4.0.2 hasn’t solved my problem yet.Cheer for you!


Wait wait wait ;o) the next major release that will actually solve your problem will have the enumeration as follows 4.1.х.0. The intermediate hotfixes won’t help you ;o) Eager to hear your feedback after the next major release ;o)


I am very pleased to find that version can solve my problem,thank u very much!
Please allow me to put forward a few questions.
When I use Chinese input method, I create a text box, and set the font, when I was in the text box input new content, new content will be reset to the default font, it really makes me sad.
Another is that when I move multiple objects hierarchy batch, they move the hierarchical order will be different from before, for example, I put a, b, c to d and e, the correct should be “d, a, b, c, e”, but sometimes there will be “a d, a, b, e, c”
The last one, in a large number of choosing object, hold down the shift alternative, in particular, will quote error, the error may even lead to use Boolean calculation of the generated template reset for the appearance of the Boolean calculation before
Thank you again for lunacy team, hard work