Three features and an issue - dark mode, icon sizes and colour select

  1. Please, please, PLEASE!! let dark mode be fixed when you select it. Stop changing it automatically when you select a different colour. I’m trying to select #c3c3c3 and it switches dark mode off just because it thinks that it’s a dark colour, but it is not. #c3c3c3 is a light colour and it should be viewed on a dark background.
    If you really want, you can add three options for dark mode: on, off, and automatic.

  2. Please keep the selected sizes for icons selected when you change between different icon styles and categories. It’s very, VERY annoying to have to go and re-select the sizes every time you switch between different packs.

  3. Please add the feature to keep a list of custom colour swatches in the colour selection box. When you use the same set of colours all the time it is very annoying to keep having to write them manually. Both this and the previous behaviour waste precious time and interrupt the workflow.

  4. The colour selection box doesn’t automatically hide when it loses focus (like the icon size box) and it covers the icons for no reason. The box spreads the whole height of the window even if it only needs a small window (you could use the rest of the space to create a list of custom swatches - see my previous feature request). Either make it hide when it loses focus or rearrange the icons so that they won’t be hidden behind it.

Thank you, and I hope you’ll take into consideration my input.



Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed feedback.

What do you use more, our desktop app (Windows/Mac), or the web version?


Ohh, yeah, I should’ve specified that, the windows desktop app.

aaand, there was one more thing that I noticed yesterday but I’m not sure that I remember which one, so, there, three more features that would improve this app:

  1. being able to select two or more separate styles to display and search at the same time. Like, click-select iOS 7 and Ctrl+click on Pastel Glyph, because they’re similar and maybe one of them has an icon that the other one doesn’t.

  2. add a control for the size of the icons in the preview window. more and more people are using high-resolution screens and some icons are way too tiny, and you end up sticking your head in the display to be able to see which one is which.

  3. and, last but not least, add a colour picker tool in the colour selection box, with a small magnifying glass effect around it, that is able to automatically read the colour from the desktop and from other apps. This is probably a bit harder to implement and there are already many apps that do exactly that, but it would be very useful to have this feature built-in.

Thanks, I can’t wait to see how this app will evolve next and which feature you’ll implement first.


Thank you once again! We really appreciate your input.

We will implement your suggestions in the next updates.