Two problems with Lunacy (Brazilian Portuguese)

Hello, Lunacy is a fantastic program, but I am having two problems with it, the first is, the program is used in Brazilian Portuguese and when I put a sharp accent in the words it gives a space, and there are times that the program hangs when I’m doing it a project and I have to open the project again.

I’m using Lunacy in version

Hello Paulo,
The issue with accents and spaces was fixed for Lunacy 5.0, for all the standard languages Lunacy contains. Brazilian Portuguese isn’t one of them, so we have just added some fixes for it for the upcoming 5.1 version.
Please note, that due to this language having a lot of specific symbols the full supporting of Brazilian Portuguese input will be added later.

To make it happen sooner, you can request this feature here: and if it gets enough votes we will give this task a higher priority.

As for the freezes issue, we’d recommend you to report when it happens through the “help” -> “report a problem” button. You can also let us know about it on this forum with a detailed description and/or send us the file itself for a check via Thank you!