Unable to change the icon's color



I’m using Pichon on my computer. For some reason, I can’t change the icon’s color from black. I tried to delete it from my computer and download again, but nothing works.

Here, you can see it looks like I changed the color to white


But, when I drag the icon it stays black.

Thank you for any kind of help :slight_smile:


Try to update to the most actual version of the Pichon on our website. The previous version has a known issue with the recolloring feature. Please, let us know if the issue would remain.



Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. I downloaded the latest version from the website, also tried the windows store app but have the same issue, checked for updates through the app but it says I have the latest version.


Yep, we’ve just tested the feature. It is a bug! Thank you for the detailed report. We’ll fix it in the upcoming release. Can not provide any time estimate at the moment.


Ok thank you very much for the update :slight_smile:


The color setting does not work for me either, how soon will a properly-working update come out?


Approximate time estimation is the end of this week. We’ll keep you updated!


Hi there!

A new version of Pichon is up! The issue with the recoloring feature was fixed. Please, try to renew or reinstall your app using this link: https://icons8.com/app (Download for Windows).


It works, thank you! :smiley: