Unable to download music track


Hi there, this morning I am unable to download any music track :weary: I can listen to the tracks but when I try to download I get various error messages, including " Page doesn’t exist - There is a mistake in the page’s web address, or the page is deleted."
I am using MacOs 10.15.16 and I have tried on several browsers. I never had a problem before today. I have tried downloading other items different form music from icons8 and it works fine.
Can anyone help? Is anyone else having issues?


Hi Cristina! This issue was fixed. Please, check it now :wink:


Sorry, still unable to download, I have cleaned cache, logged out etc, still same error message “Oops… Seems that we don’t have Action category yet.
If you think that category is important, please let us know”


Thanks for trying it again! The previous fix didn’t help, but finally, we were able to solve the issue.
Now it should work :slight_smile:


YES! Great, thanks! :smile: