Upscaler Misleading

I find the upscaler misleading. Everything on the Lunacy page suggests its a free feature. It isn’t. Not that’s a bad thing, but I think effort has been made to hide the fact. It’s only mentioned in the documentation and when using the product.

I feel like the confusion doesn’t stop there either. If you go to purchase the “upscale” functionality it takes you to a page with plenty of options that you can choose from. Non are clear which one is the “upscale” feature (Buy 118,700 Icons in SVG and PNG).

In the documentation is just says those with a “paid plan” does this mean music plan allows you to use the upscaler, logic says no, but there is nothing to indicate otherwise.

I feel like the core messaging around the upscaler and how to unlock it needs a bit of attention. At the moment it is misleading and vague.

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Tom, thank you for the valuable insight. We will look into it and think about how we can make the Upscaler pricing information more comprehensible. We appreciate you taking the time to bring it to our attention!

Hi Tom! I have a small update: to use Upscaler in Lunacy, you may purchase any Icons8 plan that you find useful. It is not necessary to buy the Upscaler plan. We will add this information to Lunacy and our documentation to make it less confusing!