Use icons as mobile game graphics


I’m looking to use ~100 icons in a mobile game, and to use them as part of game graphics (non-UI). The game would be ad-based free game.

I looked into your universal license. Under “Permitted License Usage”, the only related wording is “In independent game development projects, if less than one thousand (1,000) copies are sold.”

I don’t see a different wording for paid plan vs. free plan so I assume this applies to both.

The issue is my planned mobile game would be ad-based free download game, and technically there will be no copies sold.

Please advise if my usage is permissible, and under what condition.

Thank you.

Could you please tell us what your game is about and if you could provide some screenshots/videos with our graphics used in the game, that would be great.

Is there an email address where I can send those in private? Thanks!

Sure! You can send them via DM on the forum or at