Using icons as a web font?


Hi there,

Is there a way to create a collection and then export them as an icon font to use on the web?



Yes, it is quite possible! To download a collection as FONT, you have to select it in the list of collections and click on the download button. From the download screen, you have to choose the FONT option to generate font from the collection selected. For more details you may follow this manual:


Thanks, I have already done that and it works fine by adding it to an :after or :before element, but when using it as a HTML element, it doesn’t show up

This doesn’t show an icon:

<i class="lw lw-Airport"></i>

I have included the CSS and uploaded webfonts, but nothing is appearing using HTML.

Do you know what would cause this to happen?



When you download the font through our application there is an example in the archive with instructions on how to connect and how to use the font. As for our lineAwesome font, a new version is being prepared with bug fixes and various improvements in the near future!