Using the API for a single website only


I am a paying subscriber. I am working on a website were I am using the Doodle style icons, and I’d like the editor, in the admin, to be able to select from any of the icons in the set whenever an icon is needed.

I thought I might be able to use the API here.

  • There are two sides to this problem: To show the available icons from the Doodle set (never mind searching them), I need a list of icon ids.
  • The page a static site build in Gatsby, and I was imagining fetching the SVG icons during build with a Gatsby plugin.

Both cases seem not possible with the free API, yet the pricing of the commercial API seems to target larger organizations and/or integrators. In my case, I just want to offer a selection of the Doodle icons my subscription gives me access to, but I don’t want to manually click through and download all of them.

Maybe I missed something. Otherwise, consider this feedback of a particular use case, though I understand it may be challenging to find the best way to segment potential customers in this case.


If I understand correctly, you would like to offer your customers a selection of icons, and make them able to use our search. If that is correct, I would recommend you to purchase our API license. We have different pricing models, depending on your needs.
Please, contact me, and we will discuss it further:


I understand that this is the use case you are selling API licenses for, which is great. I am seeing our case a little bit differently. I am building this website for our own business, and we are using a particular style of icons on it, and we employ an editor working in a CMS-system, and we’d like that editor to have a selection of those icons available.

This isn’t really a case for buying an API license, it’s not really in the budget. Rather, we are already paying for the icon set, and have full access to the SVG icons, so I’d rather download as many as possible that are suitable for us by hand.

But since you already offer omg-img for free, and clearly have considered multiple use-case, I feel like I have a niche-case that isn’t covered: I am not using icons8 like a service like Canva does, reselling the icons to multiple customers. I am using a fairly small subset of the icons for a particular website, but I want to choose which icons those are within my own CMS.


Thank you for the explanation! Yes, I see your point. At the moment we don’t have any plans suitable for this kind of cases. The good news is that we are planning to release a new customizable plan in December, most probably. This plan will allow our customers to pay only for those features that they want to use.