Variable font can't display in windows as normal

Lunacy may have some bug with variable font support.

This error is only of variable font (Likes SF Pro SF Compact)
This font could display. But can’t change its bold light thin etc.

(It displays as normal in other apps)

Of course. Other SF font could display as normal in Lunacy. (So, it is very strange)

What are your Lunacy and OS versions, please?

Windows11 22621.2134
Lunacy 9.2 (ms store)
SF-PRO.TTF Version 19.0d7e1

It still can’t display variable-font as normal when update to 9.2.1
Set Bold Black Regular……is failed. It always displays the thin mode


The team reports that Lunacy currently doesn’t support variable fonts, unfortunately. We plan to add this feature later this year.

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