Variable Fonts Display Only the Thinnest


When I try to use variable fonts, it only displays the thinnest ones. Even though I have selected a thicker style, it still shows the thinnest.
(it’s light it’s not bold)

Hope this issue will be fixed. Thanks for your works!

Hi! Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

What font do you select? It can be so that this font doesn’t have other weights. This is how it works with Segoe UI, for example:

Bahnschrift. It’s included in Windows 10. You can try to open Word (Microsoft Office) and choose this font. You will find that this font has many weights :face_with_monocle:. It’s a variable font. All the variable fonts can’t change weight in Lunacy.

I see, thank you! It turned out that Lunacy doesn’t support variable fonts yet. Though, we are ready to take a task for this. Could you please leave a request here? There seems to be no variable fonts support request so far.

I faced the same issue, but my paper writer helped me out with the solution. I would suggest you ask them once. So that the problem can be resolved. But what I personally think is, no variable fonts will support here. That is why it’s showing like this.