Want To Contribute!


Hey Icons8 Team,
I’m a user of your windows application for quite some time now. Over the time, a lot has improved in your app, but it still lacks pretty good features… It’s no doubt one of the easiest to use app our there.

So, just to ask, can I somehow contribute to the application development? I have good experience in windows application development as well as web application development. Moreover, I know good amount of application penetration testing. So, will users be allowed to controbute to the codebase? If exposing your code is your issue, it doesn’t matter, because if someone wants, they can easily decompile the code for your app… That’s not really the issue because reverse engineering source code is quite easy, no matter what obfuscator you use.

So what say?
Can I/we contribute?


Hi Tadec,

We are not planning to make the code open source. The distribution of content obtained through hacking is a serious violation. The same goes for the modification of the software through the decompilation of the code.

If you would like to contribute to the application development, please, leave your suggestions in this topic. We will be glad to consider them. Thank you!