What are the limits on cloud documents?

I used to have 9 cloud documents created. Had to reinstall Lunacy because of some issues, and after reinstalling I wasn’t able to create a 10th document. No problem, I can delete one of them, the limit is apparently 9.

But I deleted it, now I’m at 8 cloud documents, and I cannot create any more, I only see this message:

So not only did reinstalling Lunacy lower the limit of cloud documents I can have somehow, I can’t even pay to have that limit increased…?

Hey there,

Could you specify your OS and Lunacy versions, please? We’ll look into that issue :raised_hands:

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Windows 10, Lunacy 8.4 from Windows Store

Please, clear your bin and see if this issue is still there.

Removing two deleted projects from the bin did allow me to create two more cloud projects for a total of 10, indeed.

I take it 10 cloud projects is the limit, then?

That’s right – at the moment the limit is 10 cloud projects. We’ll be changing that in one of the upcoming Lunacy updates, so stay tuned :raised_hands:

Great! I don’t mind throwing some money your way for the convenience of getting built-in cloud storage lol

Wow, thanks! If you want to support Lunacy, you can do it here on our donation page: Lunacy Donation