What formats are allowed for import? How to import?

I have some JPGs, some EPS, some SVGs, etc… Where do I find all formats that are supported to be imported? Also, I’m looking for an “Import File” type menu option but don’t see one. I’m new to Lunacy, how do I manage/perform imports for local media files?


The following formats are supported:
.sketch, .free, .svg, .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .webp, .ico, .gif

You can either open a file as a new project via File → Open or place it onto canvas as described here:

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Gotcha, thanks! So, if we have a large library of assets, there isn’t a “Library” feature where we can put our own assets for future use? I see the Icons/Images features but thought maybe I could create a folder in there and drop a large number of my own assets. Not just a single drag/drop one at a time.

Great tool btw! Really bad ass!

Perhaps the Custom UI Kit feature would work for you?