Where are my fonts?

My font weights are missing in Lunacy but appear completely fine in Figma.

Another note, there is a bug where if you go to:
Style > Text Styles > Edit, change the letter spacing (kurning) and press save. It doesn’t save letter spacing. You can change anything else, but letter spacing.

Hey Tom,

What versions of Lunacy and OS do you use?

Lunacy 8.0.5 / Windows 11

Could you also tell me if you have this issue with all fonts? Or is it with some particular font?

Hi Alexey,

I haven’t been through all my fonts, but I imagine the same issue could effect other fonts too. Happy to send you the fonts through DM if it helps with debugging?

That would be real great, Tom!

I guess that you didn’t have time to send me those fonts. The issue with the font on the screen that you’ve sent will be fixed in the next updates, as well as kerning.