Where do I object to the software name?


Apologies for using the questions forum for this, but is there somewhere that I can request a name change to the software? There is a mental health crisis in the U.S. (of which I am a part) and use of the antiquated terms for mental illness (lunatic, lunacy, crazy, etc) serve, IMO, to perpetuate stigma and ignorance. I am wondering if there could be consideration or an open dialogue about changing the name? Thank you! Jill


Jill, thank you for bringing up such an important subject as mental health crisis. We, as a company, support fighting the stigma and normalizing having mental health issues in the society with all our hearts. It’s also understandable, that what for one can work like reclaiming, for the other can stay plainly offensive.

We are always open for a dialogue, and are ready to discuss the subject with you. Feel free to share your thoughts in this thread whenever it is more convenient to you.
Thank you!


Thank you for your reply. And thank you to the organization for leading the fight against the stigma surrounding mental health conditions. As a former business owner myself, I know it is a comprehensive and arduous process selecting a name for a business or product. As you imply, part of the selection of the word 'Lunacy" was to forward the cause. I applaud you for having the courage to be on the front lines. I would love to hear more about your plans to raise the level of awareness of the stigma that people with mental health issues face so I can pass these ideas on to other businesses. Thanks again! Jill