Where do I set the link?


In order to use our icons for free, we require that you set a link to our page. The link can be to our main page or to the specific icon that you’ve used and it can be in any format you prefer.

  • Websites - we require linking from all pages where the icons are used. Please put the link in the footer if the icons are used on each page. A nice example:


  • Desktop software - please put the link in the About dialog
  • Mobile apps - please put the link in the About dialog and acknowledgment on the AppStore/Google Play page. If the application doesn’t have an About section, please reference Icons8 on the app page
  • Chrome App -please add the link to the description in the Chrome Web Store and (if it doesn’t break your layout) somewhere in Settings.
  • WordPress plugin - please link on the Settings page of the plugin and the plugin page.
  • PDF, Excel, Word or any other document - You can put the link anywhere in the document.
  • PC game - please put the link from the credits section. And we would love to have a copy of the game, thank you :slight_smile:
  • YouTube -please put the link in the description box
  • eBay page - you can put the link in the footer.
  • Social network - please place the link in some of your posts.


Hi @Eugenie ,
I come from Taiwan. When I looked for icon for my website, I find icons8 and love it immediately. It’s rich in design and very beautiful but I have a problem…

If I used five icons from icons8, I need to set a link to your page(icons8).
What can I do?
(1) I need to set one link to icons8’s main page. => All icons by icons8(Set A link)
(2) I need to set five links to the specific icon that I’ve used. => XXX icon by Icons8(Set five links)

If I set five links instead of one link, my website will too messy in my footer. So can I put a link in my website footer like All icons by icons8(Set A link).

I’m very love your icons, All icons are cool!
I am looking forward to your reply.


Hello Chobu!

Thanks for your compliment. That’s really appreciated!
There’s no need to put a link for every single icon. You just need to link us on all pages where you use them.