Where is RTL Support?

Hi, I asked About this on the old forums… and I know that adding RTL support is hard
but I think a compromise can be made, that will allow RTL support.

What if…

We cloud toggle it manually, per the project page :thinking:

RTL Support | Fusible Solution :partying_face:

so, I found out that Lunacy just flips the contact around… meaning if you are typing in an RTL language you will probably use a website to change the direction of letters.


Using this website - http://www.cables.org.il/hebrew.htm
This is how it looks on Lunacy רופישל העצה עיצהל הצור ינא ,םלוכל םולש
And this is what happens if we flip this שלום לכולם, אני רוצה להציע הצעה לשיפור
as you can see, we now have magically created RTL support!
it works for all RTL languages, but Arabic has some spaces with can be handled by a simple script.

How To Do It?

The RTL support will simply flip the letters like that website does, on the sidebar when editing text we would have the option to flip it around and make it RTL.
This is not a complicated overhaul and can be simply integrated into all the platforms (the whole point of removing the RTL support was because Lunacy needed to be cross-platform).
Now we can have both, RTL and cross-platform support, and if other RTL languages need more fixing then it will be easier to implement and fix.


I think that it will be a great solution for this issue, and this will benefit Lunacy a lot.


Thank you for the suggestions. We are slowly working on RTL, but we wait for Avalonia to make improvements in this direction so we could implement them on our side.

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can’t wait for RTL support

There is an update https://twitter.com/Icons8_Lunacy/status/1616453551177220096

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Let’s get the party started :tada: