White icons w/ transparent background

Using ICONS8 v5.8.1.7 on Win10 to create Win10-style button glyph BMPs for a Delphi app. Since export to BMP format isn’t supported in ICONS8 and the Delphi buttons only accept BMPs for glyphs, I have to copy the selected glyph to the clipboard and paste it into Paint to save as BMP. However, all copied glyphs, regardless of the selected color, are copied with a white background, which means that if I need to have a “Play” arrowhead glyph with the arrowhead in white, the copied glyph is just a solid white BMP.

The program is aware of this because the display background for the media glyphs changes to a dark color when white is chosen as the main color in ICONS8 - it’s just not preserving that contrasting background when copied to the clipboard.

Is there a way around this? Thanks!


Are you using regular MS Paint? That one doesn’t support transparency as far as I know. If so, you could try out another editor, for example Paint.net.

Here is a 96x96 .PNG white “Play” icon imported into Paint.net. As you can see, the transparency is maintained on this stage.

Afterwards I save it as 32bit .BMP, and the transparency seems to be there in the Windows Explorer and when opening the file in Chrome and Firefox: