Windows Apps - Unable to Login

Hello, I’m unable to login to Lunacy on Windows. I’ve been trying 2 login method Google Auth and Email.

Google Auth
Login with Google Auth gave me forever loading after redirect from browser to app

immediately crash after click on login button

Did anyone have same problem?


Is your Lunacy up to date?
And what is your OS?

Yes, I’m using Lunacy 8.5.2.
My OS is Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0,Build 19043) and Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0,Build 19044)

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I will get back to you once I have any update

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Could you please tell me if you downloaded Lunacy directly from our website or from Microsoft Store?

Also we’d appreciate it if you could attach relevant crash logs from



I tried both, the last version I used is the direct link from the website.

Here is the logs when I try both login using Google Auth and Email Adress (8.0 KB)

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We will be looking into it shortly

Mac apps, too.
My device is Macbook Pro M1 14’’ 2021

We couldn’t reproduce the issue on our side, but the error is there in the logs, so thank you for attaching them.

The issue should be fixed in 8.6, which was released today

Hi @Georg_icons8 ,

I update to 8.6.2 and tested again today but still got unable to login using both Google Auth and Email Address. Here is the log: (28.2 KB)

Thank you for notifying and providing the logs, I will send them to the team right away.