Wrong shape position after group transformation

Hello people in the community!

I am a new user to Lunacy, it really looks incredible! Great work.
I am testing some features for a Sketch course I am attending (I momentarily use Lunacy because I don’t have a Mac now).

During an exercise in which I have drawn a small blue circle in the center of a big yellow rectangle, I have to group resize the two elements. No problems overall completing the task - doing the group transformation. Only it happens that when I resize the group let’s say from the left anchors, and drag them over the ones on the right thus wanting to have the group mirrored, the rectangle is OK, but the circle on the inside loses its position and overall coherency, i.e. it becomes stretched and anchored to the side of the rectangle rather than to the centre. The same happens when I resize the group in the same way grabbing the top, bottom, or right side anchors.

Thank you and keep up the great work!
It is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Hello Giovanni! Thank you for your interest to the Icons8 projects! Yes, this is a bug. The remedy is to use the Flip function in the upper menu or the hotkey Ctrl+(keyboard arrow). With the use of this function, you’ll be able to display an object or a group of objects horizontally or vertically.

Thank you Sergey!
Very kind of you :slight_smile:

Ok thanks, the other way you are showing me definitely works.
Actually I had already explored that, and just wanted to help by bringing that other issue to your attention.

You people at Icons8 are doing very great work!
Text to you soon.

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