6.4 works well but how can I add shading?


I can add block colours but cannot see an option to add shading. Is it possible to do or am I searching in vain? TIA.


Can it be an option you are searching for? https://docs.icons8.com/styling/#shadows
You can add shadows to an image by choosing the Shadows option on the right panel.

There’s also an option to add tints: https://docs.icons8.com/styling/#tints


Thanks for replying. I use shadows and shading. What I cannot do is find a way to add a gradient on the colour on a background, that is to say,gradually grading it from full colour to white. It is a feature that was in Sketch for Mac.


Hmm, I can assume that it can be something similar to this topic. Correct me if I’m wrong!

You can try to make a gradient overlay using the fill tool: double click the color square and choose the gradient type you like. There’s also a bit details about it: https://docs.icons8.com/styling/#fills

Though, the gradient will be applied not to the background but the whole image.


Thanks for the help. I have been looking to get a gradient on my artboard, but those options do not come up on the colour picker. It seems that I just need to add a rectangle to cover my artboard and then I get the gradient options. Problem overcome, many thanks.