[BUG] Crash on save on Lunacy 8.3 snap version

The title says it all. I crash as soon as I create a new file and ctrl+s to save it with the snap package of the app. No error message pops up on Ubuntu, just plain crash.
It is very similar to this one.

Also, I am using Wayland and default Ubuntu’s Gnome3, if that can be of any help.

Fortunately, it seems it doesn’t have the problem with the .deb version of the app so far. I’ll let you posted if it happens again.


Does Lunacy crash when saving any files? Or only new ones? Empty ones? Others? Basically, are there any patterns?

It’s the first time I am using Lunacy (which looks super promising congratz!) so I didn’t have any other use, I’ll try to give it a try again tomorrow.

In the meantime, could you send us Lunacy crash logs that could be related to this issue?
You can find them at /home//snap/lunacy/current/.local/share/Icons8/Lunacy/Logs

Just reinstalled the snap package and can confirm I have the same issue. Here is the log it generated upon creating a new file and saving it.

15:25:30.219 Launcher	Default	> Launched on Linux X64 Snapcraft
15:25:30.276 Launcher	Default	> Launch args: /snap/lunacy/47/Lunacy
15:25:30.625 	Default	> US_Prod server is failed with timeout
15:25:30.625 	Default	> CN_Prod server is failed with timeout
15:25:30.627 Account	Info	> Authorizing toEU_Prod
15:25:30.627 Account	Info	> Authorizing toUS_Prod
15:25:30.810 Api	Done	> Authorized to EU_Prod
15:25:30.859 Api	Info	> push: connecting to: https://lun-eu.icons8.com/push
15:25:30.937 Api	Done	> Authorized to US_Prod
15:25:31.090 Api	Done	> push: connected
15:25:31.090 Api	Info	> push: sending connect info (appvariant, appversion)
15:25:31.243 Settings	Error	> Settings are not uploaded to cloud yet.
15:25:31.269 Settings	Error	> Settings are not uploaded to cloud yet.
15:25:31.324 	Default	> Scale: 1, 1
15:25:31.335 Launcher	Default	> Combined args: /snap/lunacy/47/Lunacy
15:25:31.335 Launcher	Default	> Only Lunacy Arg
15:25:31.335 Launcher	Default	> Handling startup args
15:25:31.696 Tools	Default	> Activate tool: Select
15:25:37.642 SystemFonts	Done	> System fonts cache saved: 440 font families
15:25:37.805 UiKits	Info	> UIKit extraction started: Default.sketch
[Binding] Error in binding to 'Lunacy.Controls.CheckableMenuItem'.'Command': 'Could not find a matching property accessor for 'AlignInspectorViewModel' on 'Lunacy.ViewModels.Inspectors.InspectorsPanelViewModel'' (CheckableMenuItem #34627969)
15:25:37.866 ImageCache	Done	> IMG1 221x184 0.16MB pushed to GPU
15:25:37.870 ImageCache	Done	> IMG2 800x836 2.55MB pushed to GPU
15:25:37.871 ImageCache	Done	> IMG3 231x176 0.16MB pushed to GPU
15:25:37.872 ImageCache	Done	> IMG4 254x506 0.49MB pushed to GPU
15:25:37.881 ImageCache	Done	> IMG5 1080x1080 4.45MB pushed to GPU
15:25:37.882 ImageCache	Done	> IMG6 184x172 0.12MB pushed to GPU
15:25:37.888 ImageCache	Done	> IMG7 800x800 2.44MB pushed to GPU
15:25:37.906 ImageCache	Done	> IMG8 598x500 1.14MB pushed to GPU
15:25:37.907 ImageCache	Done	> IMG9 184x168 0.12MB pushed to GPU
15:25:37.925 ImageCache	Done	> IMG10 800x584 1.78MB pushed to GPU
15:25:37.927 ImageCache	Done	> IMG11 616x690 1.62MB pushed to GPU
15:25:37.927 ImageCache	Done	> IMG12 430x487 0.80MB pushed to GPU
15:25:37.928 ImageCache	Done	> IMG13 326x150 0.19MB pushed to GPU
15:25:37.929 ImageCache	Done	> IMG14 520x418 0.83MB pushed to GPU
15:25:37.930 ImageCache	Done	> IMG15 820x200 0.63MB pushed to GPU
15:25:37.932 ImageCache	Done	> IMG16 520x422 0.84MB pushed to GPU
15:25:37.936 ImageCache	Done	> IMG17 622x1032 2.45MB pushed to GPU
15:25:37.937 ImageCache	Done	> IMG18 400x335 0.51MB pushed to GPU
15:25:37.937 ImageCache	Done	> IMG19 392x392 0.59MB pushed to GPU
15:25:37.957 ImageCache	Done	> IMG20 586x566 1.27MB pushed to GPU
15:25:37.958 ImageCache	Done	> IMG21 598x360 0.82MB pushed to GPU
15:25:37.959 ImageCache	Done	> IMG22 254x432 0.42MB pushed to GPU
15:25:37.960 ImageCache	Done	> IMG23 234x378 0.34MB pushed to GPU
15:25:37.961 ImageCache	Done	> IMG24 500x500 0.95MB pushed to GPU
15:25:38.001 ImageCache	Done	> IMG25 944x958 3.45MB pushed to GPU
15:25:38.001 ImageCache	Done	> IMG26 704x350 0.94MB pushed to GPU
15:25:38.005 ImageCache	Done	> IMG27 933x844 3.00MB pushed to GPU
15:25:38.006 ImageCache	Done	> IMG28 142x552 0.30MB pushed to GPU
15:25:38.009 ImageCache	Done	> IMG29 693x693 1.83MB pushed to GPU
15:25:38.010 ImageCache	Done	> IMG30 484x410 0.76MB pushed to GPU
15:25:38.016 ImageCache	Done	> IMG31 817x798 2.49MB pushed to GPU
15:25:38.034 ImageCache	Done	> IMG32 518x256 0.51MB pushed to GPU
15:25:38.182 ImageCache	Done	> IMG33 838x676 2.16MB pushed to GPU
15:25:38.280 ImageCache	Done	> IMG34 522x234 0.47MB pushed to GPU
15:25:38.281 ImageCache	Done	> IMG35 477x274 0.50MB pushed to GPU
15:25:38.282 ImageCache	Done	> IMG36 392x392 0.59MB pushed to GPU
15:25:38.283 ImageCache	Done	> IMG37 284x256 0.28MB pushed to GPU
15:25:38.462 ImageCache	Done	> IMG38 679x546 1.41MB pushed to GPU
15:25:39.119 UiKits	Done	> UIKit extraction ended: Default.sketch
15:25:40.488 Tools	Default	> Activate tool: Select
15:25:42.400 Tools	Default	> Activate tool: Artboard
[Binding] Error in binding to 'Lunacy.Controls.CheckableMenuItem'.'Command': 'Could not find a matching property accessor for 'AlignInspectorViewModel' on 'Lunacy.ViewModels.Inspectors.InspectorsPanelViewModel'' (CheckableMenuItem #34627969)
[Binding] Error in binding to 'Lunacy.Controls.CheckableMenuItem'.'IsEnabled': 'Could not find a matching property accessor for 'TransformInspectorViewModel' on 'Lunacy.ViewModels.Inspectors.InspectorsPanelViewModel'' (CheckableMenuItem #42184651)
[Binding] Error in binding to 'Lunacy.Controls.CheckableMenuItem'.'IsEnabled': 'Could not find a matching property accessor for 'TransformInspectorViewModel' on 'Lunacy.ViewModels.Inspectors.InspectorsPanelViewModel'' (CheckableMenuItem #44117540)
15:25:44.384 	Error	> Exception Unable to initialize GTK on separate thread /    at Avalonia.X11.NativeDialogs.GtkSystemDialog.EnsureInitialized() in C:\Users\brutal\source\repos\gitlab\Avalonia\src\Avalonia.X11\NativeDialogs\GtkNativeFileDialogs.cs:line 173
   at Avalonia.X11.NativeDialogs.GtkSystemDialog.ShowFileDialogAsync(FileDialog dialog, Window parent) in C:\Users\brutal\source\repos\gitlab\Avalonia\src\Avalonia.X11\NativeDialogs\GtkNativeFileDialogs.cs:line 141
   at Avalonia.Controls.SaveFileDialog.ShowAsync(Window parent) in C:\Users\brutal\source\repos\gitlab\Avalonia\src\Avalonia.Controls\SystemDialog.cs:line 70
   at Lunacy.Services.DialogService.SaveAsync(String defaultFileName, String[] fileTypeFilter) in /root/parts/lunacy/build/Lunacy/Lunacy.UI/Services/DialogService.cs:line 63
   at Lunacy.Services.LocalDocumentManager.SaveCurrentProjectByDialogAsync(String defaultFileName) in /root/parts/lunacy/build/Lunacy/Lunacy.Shared/Services/LocalDocumentManager.cs:line 186
   at Lunacy.Services.LocalDocumentManager.SaveCurrentProjectWithoutDialogAsync() in /root/parts/lunacy/build/Lunacy/Lunacy.Shared/Services/LocalDocumentManager.cs:line 167
   at Lunacy.ViewModels.MainViewModel.SaveProjectAsync() in /root/parts/lunacy/build/Lunacy/Lunacy.Shared/ViewModels/MainViewModel.cs:line 512
   at Lunacy.Gdf.Extensions.GdfTaskExtensions.DoNotWait(Task task) in /root/parts/lunacy/build/Lunacy/Lunacy.Gdf/Extensions/GdfTaskExtensions.cs:line 13
   at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.<>c.<ThrowAsync>b__127_0(Object state)
   at Avalonia.Threading.JobRunner.RunJobs(Nullable`1 priority) in C:\Users\brutal\source\repos\gitlab\Avalonia\src\Avalonia.Base\Threading\JobRunner.cs:line 35
   at Avalonia.X11.X11PlatformThreading.CheckSignaled() in C:\Users\brutal\source\repos\gitlab\Avalonia\src\Avalonia.X11\X11PlatformThreading.cs:line 164
   at Avalonia.X11.X11PlatformThreading.RunLoop(CancellationToken cancellationToken) in C:\Users\brutal\source\repos\gitlab\Avalonia\src\Avalonia.X11\X11PlatformThreading.cs:line 244
   at Avalonia.Threading.Dispatcher.MainLoop(CancellationToken cancellationToken) in C:\Users\brutal\source\repos\gitlab\Avalonia\src\Avalonia.Base\Threading\Dispatcher.cs:line 61
   at Avalonia.Controls.ApplicationLifetimes.ClassicDesktopStyleApplicationLifetime.Start(String[] args) in C:\Users\brutal\source\repos\gitlab\Avalonia\src\Avalonia.Controls\ApplicationLifetimes\ClassicDesktopStyleApplicationLifetime.cs:line 132
   at Avalonia.ClassicDesktopStyleApplicationLifetimeExtensions.StartWithClassicDesktopLifetime[T](T builder, String[] args, ShutdownMode shutdownMode) in C:\Users\brutal\source\repos\gitlab\Avalonia\src\Avalonia.Controls\ApplicationLifetimes\ClassicDesktopStyleApplicationLifetime.cs:line 187
   at Lunacy.Program.Main(String[] args) in /root/parts/lunacy/build/Lunacy/Lunacy/Program.cs:line 16

Thank you, it could be helpful!

Can you attach this log as a file, so I could send it over to our devs?