[BUG] Lunacy crashes when saving a file


Lunacy crashes when try to save a file, i have installed the lastest version of Lunacy on the Direct Download link.

It does not show any errors, the program just crash and Windows say there was a problem and close.



Does it happen when you try to save a project that you create from scratch or the pre-existing one that you edit via Lunacy?


If i try to save a project created from scratch it crashes.

And when i edit a .sketch file i can save it, but after this its saved Lunacy crashes too.


Do you have this issue in the latest 6.1 Lunacy version?


Yes, just tried and it is the same behaviour :confused:


Can you please provide some more details on this issue:

  • When you create a project from scratch, does any file crash, even an empty one? Please send us an example of the file name that is used when saving.
  • When you edit an existing project, does any file crash or specific ones?

Thank you!


Hi, I’m also facing this bug in Lunacy. Occasionally, it will let me save, but every few minutes when I try to save, it sends me a notification that it’s failed to save. I’ve received a few different messages:
-Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID failed dur to the following error: Not enough memory resources are available to process this command
-External component has thrown an exception
-Failed to save to file
It’s taken me hours to make basic edits to my Sketch file. Can you please advise how to fix this? It’s fairly urgent to meet a deadlne.



Hi, just happened to me, it keeps saving and can’t do anything with the file, just crash. I have to close and reopen the file. I just update to the new versión today and still have the same problem.