[BUG] Objects Not Shown in Work Space; Blurred Background

Initially, Lunacy crashed, and upon opening the file again, I was shown a blurred background as pictured below. Upon further investigation I found that all pages of a file, as well as all objects, could not be seen in the general work space even when clicking on them. All objects are set to be ‘seen’ so that is not the problem either, and I’ve tried different ‘zooms’ as well. It appears you can add new objects and such to the file, but they also do not show in the work space, and the only way you can see they exist is through their drop down on the left side bar.

Currently however, I’ve found that ALL of my Sketch/Lunacy files now open with this same issue- meaning I cannot edit any files.

My issue is almost identical in appearance to this post which does not have a current solution.

Please, try out our latest version 4.1.0 rolled out just today. The issue should be gone!