No clue how to describe this bug, just watch the video


Reviewed Lunacy on the Microsoft store and got a response and told to post the bug here so here is a video recording of the bug. It renders the app unusable.



We have just released a new version of Lunacy that has several new fixes. Please install it, it should help.


It did not fix the issue.

Is there a chance that it has something to do with msi’s custom screen scaling? (I am running an msi laptop)


It might be the case. Could you please share a bit more information on the model of your laptop and the scale settings?


I have the same problem, running Lunacy 6.1 on Windows 10 x64 on my DELL G5 15 laptop.
Maybe related to this problem: [BUG] Weird stretching issue when scrolling!


Do you have NVIDIA 1650 MAX-Q / 1660 Ti MAX-Q graphics card?


I have a mobile GeForce RTX 2060


Same here actually.


Which Graphics Card are you using?


Are you using a mainboard with Realtek audio drivers? Maybe this post could help you (for me it worked)