Possible to convert local document to cloud document?

Howdy! Recently switched from Figma to Lunacy and I absolutely love it.
One thing I’ve been unable to figure out (I assume it’s not possible at this point) is how to convert a local document into a cloud document. It’s simple and intuitive to save a cloud doc as a local, but can it be done the other way around?
I started on a new site design and it was created as a local doc by default but then I realized I couldn’t leave comments on my design. I searched the docs and through the forum here but found nothing, so I just created a new, empty cloud doc and just copy+pasted everything from the local into the new cloud one so I have two docs now.
Having local comments/notes would be super helpful.

Thanks, sorry for the ramble!

Hey, Justin
We love that you love Lunacy!

To upload your local file to Lunacy Cloud there should be a button like this:

So, I didn’t even notice that button until now but it’s in error state (red, crossed out cloud) and says Lunacy can’t connect to the server. Internet is fine, Lunacy isn’t blocked by my firewall, and I’m not running a VPN. No other network stuff on my end that could interfere. On latest version. Everything else seems to work, though.

Could you please attach the logs here or send a report from within Lunacy itself? We will be able to look at the issue closer