Prototype Not Working

Prototyping not working… When i click on the play icon, it opens up browser page with empty content … What’s going on ?

Any other method to view my prototype?

Please check if you’re using Chrome to preview prototypes. We hope to add support for other browsers soon :raised_hands:

Hello, I updated my chrome but when tried again, Im still having the same problem please help, I have a big presentation tomorrow

I have the same Problem, for me prototyping doesnt work in any Browser.
Not even on Google Chrome. Just getting a black screen there, sometimes a white one with the Lunacy standard navbar on top.

Would be such an awesome Tool for presentations and live demos.
I hope to see this function working in the future.

The same mistake, nothing helps.

Hi @TheeL @ingwvr

This issue should be fixed in Lunacy 8.8 which is scheduled for November.
In the meantime, please try a fix near the bottom of this thread

Hello, I’m just wondring if you are still on schedule for this?

We’re already in the final stages of tweaking the 8.8 version, it will be out very soon :raised_hands:

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