Rectangle rotations not saved

When a rectangle is rotated by any amount and the sketch saved - the rotation is not preserved.

Thank you for this bug reporting! This issue has been fixed in the upcoming alpha build. The build will be available in the forum in a few days.

I’am happy to notify you that the first alpha build is rolled out! The current version of Alpha has lots of great improvements and bugs fixes. Please check out the new Alpha section here: Lunacy - Ready To Use <<< The First Alpha Build Is Here!


I’ve just discovered that I had the exact same problem, when creating a checkbox-input type of shape : the “tick”, composed of two tiny rectangles rotated to make a “V”, wasn’t saved in the symbol when quitting.

I’ve just tested with the Alpha release, and when I modified again the shape, then saved, I had an ERROR MESSAGE :


But I decided to quit and relaunch Lunacy, just to see if the shape was saved, and luckyly all went fine.

So, I’m just saying : there might be some suprise for those who reopen an old file from before the alpha !

Please clarify, what was the version that you’ve used?

Oops, sorry : I was using the :wink: